Rouge et Rose Nov14

Rouge et Rose

Color-blocking has been such a huge trend this year, and my favorite example of this is the rather unexpected combination of reds and pinks. Aside from Valentine’s Day, it’s not a color combination that you see too often – but when it’s done right, it is oh so right!...

J.Crew Collection Jul25

J.Crew Collection

As an interior designer I am always searching for inspiration, and in terms of what is current, and what’s coming next, nothing is more prescient than fashion. I was perusing the J.Crew website yesterday, and came across the lookbook for the latest collection. As always, the photos are...

J.Crew for June May25

J.Crew for June

At this point feel free to call me a broken record, but flipping through a new J.Crew catalog is just always a treat. Really though, you’ll need to brace yourselves – because there will be plenty more posts where this one came from. There are so many gorgeous photos, and such a...

Wonderful Watermelon May12

Wonderful Watermelon

It’s been an utterly gorgeous week here in New York – low 70s, and sunny. Personally, I would prefer to have time stand still before we enter those hazy, humid days of summer. Even though we still have more than a month left to enjoy Spring, the team at Martha Stewart Living has...

More J.Crew Colors Mar30

More J.Crew Colors

I feel like a bit of a broken record here, but once again, the new J.Crew catalog is positively brimming over with beautiful and inspiring images. While my own closet is considerably more muted – and nearly my entire apartment is painted grey, I so love all of this fantastic color...

J.Crew Colors Mar08

J.Crew Colors

Aside from planning out my list of must haves, my favorite part about receiving a new J.Crew catalog, is all of the amazing color inspiration. I’ve been a J.Crew devotee since the 6th grade (nearly 20 years), and while I’ve always loved their classic staples, I think that Jenna...