Etro Retro Aug23

Etro Retro

The weather has finally started to turn (ever so slightly) in New York. Last night when we went to dinner it was actually chilly. Mother Nature probably has a few more tricks up her sleeve before we’re actually into full-on sweater weather, but a boy can dream – can’t he? When it comes to style, I always joke that I’m a bit of a preppy grandpa. I love a chunky cardigan, an elbow patch… you catch my drift. I was doing a little window shopping last night, and came across this Etro suede-patch cardigan. Ain’t she a beaut? Now, to be perfectly honest I already own this same kind of sweater in probably half a dozen variations – but what’s one more, right? What makes this one so great, is the richness of those oversized patches. Sweater, consider yourself...

Brunello Cucinelli Jul11

Brunello Cucinelli

I’ve been silently searching for a new bag to carry during the day – a real workhorse that I can use for both work and the gym – something that’s masculine, and utilitarian, but stylish and luxe. Although it’s not available until mid-October, Brunello Cucinelli’s ‘Bison Computer Bag’ is a definite contender. I love the simple structure, the rolled leather handles, and the chocolately pebbled leather. I’m also big on patina, and this bag looks like it could have been carried by my grandfather! Although their price tags are always steep, Brunello Cucinelli makes the most exquisite things – from luxurious cashmere sportswear, to beautiful accessories like this bag. Up until recently the company was also the manufacturer of my favorite menswear designer, Michael Bastian. To know more about the company though, is to love it – and to that end, I recommend taking a gander at this fascinating profile from The New Yorker. Bison Bag, I’ve got my eye on...

Equestrian Gifts May04

Equestrian Gifts

When it comes to equestrian themed gifts, and luxury goods, the legendary house of Hermès is the first stop. Established in 1837 as a harness workshop, and purveyor of goods to the carriage trade, the company later introduced saddles and other accessories – before becoming the full-fledged house that it is today. Many of their current handbags and accessories are rooted in the company’s equestrian heritage – including the Evelyne and Haut à Courroies bags. The Evelyne was designed to carry grooming tools, and other stable items – and its perforated H was conceived as a way to enable these tools to air out. Hermès’ first bag, the Haut à Courroies (upon which the Birkin is based), was specifically designed so that riders could carry their saddles with them. These days, equestrian themed gifts can be found nearly everywhere – from antiques shops, and book stores – to tickets to see a production on the Broadway stage . Here are some particularly fabulous finds that I’ve assembled. Enjoy! 1. Antique riding boot stretcher lamps 2. Book – Horse by Kelly Klein 3. Book – Equestrian Style 4. Hermès candle 5. Antique horse bit bracelet 6. Vintage ashtray 7. Hermès scarf 8. Felix Doolittle correspondence seals 9. Hermès porcelain ashtray 10. John Derian decoupage tray 11. 19th century French tricycle 12. Hermès jumping boots 13. John Derian decoupage paperweight 14. Tickets to see War Horse 15. Hermès Fourre-Tout du Cavalier...

Equestrian Art May04

Equestrian Art

Throughout history, horses have been a popular motif in art – often depicted in military battle, or painted in lovely, bucolic scenes. Prehistoric paintings, such as those in the caves of Lascaux, show equine images estimated to be more than 16,000 years old. As a former art history student, my mind goes first to the great Impressionist painters of France, and their fascination with equestrianism and thoroughbred racing. The development of horse racing in France fell in tandem with the careers of artists like Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, and Toulouse-Lautrec – all of whom had a fascination with the sport. With the Kentucky Derby set for this Saturday, I thought that it would be fun to post about equestrian art. These days you don’t have to wear jodhpurs, or Wellington boots, or tweed jackets to appreciate these pieces. Of course some are wonderfully stodgy, but others (like one of Roberto Dutesco’s photographs) are decidedly chic and modern. Will you be donning a fun hat, or sipping a mint julep on Saturday? 1. Roberto Dutesco photograph 2. 19th century life-size wooden horse 3. Shadow box of Kentucky Derby winners 4. Cast iron horse head 5. 19th century English equestrian painting 6. Bronze horse sculpture 7. 19th century English portrait 8. 19th century French articulated horse and rider model 9. 19th century American copper weather vane 10. Lord Denver horse triptych 11. 19th century English paintings 12. Mark Shaw photograph of Jackie...

O is for Ostrich Apr27

O is for Ostrich

O is for Ostrich – the latest of my shopping obsessions. When it comes to favorite animals, mine have always included giraffes and elephants. Giraffes are so graceful and elegant, and elephants, so gentle and wise. Another favorite, the ostrich, is plain old hilarious. Seriously though, the ostriches at the Bronz Zoo – I could watch them for hours. Since the Victorian era, their feathers have been used as fanciful embellishments on hats and accessories, quill pens and blankets. In my own home, I have a pair of ostrich pillows, and even some leather picture frames fashioned from their hides. I make no secret of my love of taxidermy – specifically of birds. More than a decade ago I spotted a fabulous ostrich at Deyrolle in Paris – and ever since, have had a taxidermy ostrich filed away in my impossibly long wish list for future acquisitions. While my current digs couldn’t accommodate such a large piece, wouldn’t this shoulder mount be sort of genius? Talk about a quirky conversation piece – ha!...

The Wasp’s Nest Apr11

The Wasp’s Nest

I’m currently eyeing (coveting) this fabulous, victorian era curiosity. It’s a wasp’s nest from the 19th century, cut to reveal the inner structure, and under a massive, antique glass dome. I contacted the UK based dealer, who is understandably nervous about shipping it to New York – but I’m still actively obsessing over it. I love a curiosity cabinet, and think that this would be such a fun and interesting conversation...

Je voudrais Mar18

Je voudrais

My French speaking skills aren’t so phenomenal, but I certainly know how to ask for what I want. This Michael Bastian pullover – je voudrais! It’s preppy and sporty, with just a touch of quirkiness. I could sing Michael Bastian‘s praises all day long, and can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Sometimes I cringe when random celebrities or fashion designers do product lines for the home, but I would love to see a Bastian home collection or collaboration of some sort. In the meantime, his clothes will certainly...

Irish Eyes Are Smiling Mar17

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Much like Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling is one of those well known, sentimental songs that pays tribute to the Irish. It was beloved by Senator Ted Kennedy, who often sang the song at the close of various parties and functions, and even while on the campaign trail. I remember watching his memorial service a couple of years ago, and the song was sung to close the service. It was a beautiful tribute, and can be seen here. Another proud irishman, the great Bing Crosby sang the song as well. Bing Crosby – When Irish Eyes Are Smiling In the spirit of my previous post, I thought that I’d do another roundup of gifts – for him or her. Enjoy! 1. Smythson of Bond Street Travel Journal 2. Ralph Lauren Gingham Button-Down 3. Hermès Arion Cabas Weekend Bag 4. Malachite Snake Ring 5. Beretta Wellington Boots 6. Proenza Schouler Handbag 7. Crysoprase Earrings 8. Driving Moccasins 9. Ladurée Macaroons 10. R&Y Augousti Shagreen Clutch 11. Hermès Notebook 12. Bottega Veneta Ballerina Slippers 13. Bottega Veneta Shagreen Wallet 14. Goyard Card Case 15. Skeppshult Bicycle 16. Hermès Clover Keychain 17. Mario Badescu Skin Care...

Éire go deo Mar17

Éire go deo

Éire go deo is a motto of Ireland, and like the more well known Erin Go Bragh, means Ireland forever. St. Patrick’s Day is an international holiday that has been celebrated for centuries. Here in New York, we celebrate with a massive parade along 5th Avenue. Ours is the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade, and the oldest civilian parade in the world. Bing Crosby even sang a song about it! Bing Crosby – St. Patricks Day Parade Elsewhere in the city, drunken revelers can be spotted throughout the day and night – usually wearing green, and hopping from bar to bar. In my neighborhood, an authentic Irish pub, the Emerald Inn, usually plays host to a troupe of bagpipe players on this holiday. Everywhere you turn today, people are in good spirits. In honor of the day, I thought that it would be fun to do a round up of gifts for the home. As Kermit the Frog says, it’s not that easy being green! 1. Abstract Painting by Sally King Benedict 2. Antique Canopy Chair 3. Herbe d’Ete candle by Calypso St. Barth 4. John Derian Decoupage Wall Hanging 5. Linda & Harriet Stationery 6. Agate Plates 7. Abstract Plaid Pillow 8. Hermès Avoine blanket 9. Antique Gothic Birdcage 10. Antique Iron Snake Sculpture 11. Taxidermy Parakeet 12. Potted Boxwood 13. Vintage 1950s Abstract Painting 14. Antique English Wingback Chair 15. Dom Perignon Champagne Cooler 16. Book – Fornasetti: The Complete Universe 17. Antique French Garden...

Burberry Prorsum Mar07

Burberry Prorsum

Add this Burberry Prorsum biker jacket to my current list of sartorial obsessions. The buttery, toffee colored leather is divine, and I love the military vibe of the oversized collar, belt and epaulettes. Christopher Bailey, Burberry‘s creative director, showed this as part of the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 collection – and it’s available in stores and online...

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