Sweetie, Darling… Nov16

Sweetie, Darling…

When it comes to true comedic genius, it really doesn’t get much better than the exploits and adventures of the deliciously depraved duo of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone! Absolutely Fabulous (Ab Fab) had its original run from 1992 – 1995, but since then has enjoyed a number of periodic reboots. In recent months fans of the British sitcom have been eagerly anticipating new episodes – set to air during the holidays. But just last week Ab Fab creator, Jennifer Saunders announced that she will be working on a feature-length film, Ab Fab: The Movie – to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the show. Enjoy these photos (the first 6 in homage to Ab Fab, and the rest of Ab Fab throughout the years) – oh, and interspersed by some classic quotes from the show… ‘Sometimes you need a soupçon of guilt to make carte blanche depravity taste that little bit better.’ – Edina    ‘We’ve got some lovely cooking pots coming in from Somalia. I mean they don’t need them, they’ve got no food to put in them after all.’ – Edina    ‘The last mosquito that bit me had to book into the Betty Ford clinic.’ – Patsy   ‘Smoke can’t touch the baby, if it could, you’d have come out looking like prosciutto, believe me.’ – Edina to Saffy   Could Julia Roberts’ lips get any bigger? It looks as if she’s giving birth to her own head! – Patsy    ‘Why does everything you wear look like it’s bearing a grudge, darling?’ – Edina to Saffy   ‘I’ve spent a fortune trying to get in touch with my sexual being. Do you remember I spent that week celebrating my private parts, do you remember, darling?’ – Edina    ‘I know the kind of little play...

Pan Am Nov10

Pan Am

In the 1960s Pan Am was the largest, most prestigious airline in the world – with the most beautiful and most glamorous stewardesses. My favorite new show, and actually the only new show that I’ve been watching this Fall, is ABC’s Pan Am. It’s a super stylish, global look at this moment in time – a time when air travel and luxury went hand in hand. The 60s were positively rife with social and political change, and while this show certainly tends to romanticize the past, it’s still a lot of fun! Check out this video for a quick look at the show, and enjoy these photos from the first few episodes! Pan Am airs Sundays at 9:00 on ABC.                            ...

Happy Halloween! Oct31

Happy Halloween!

Greetings friends! I know that things have been quiet on the John About Town front – it has been a super busy and hectic few months, and I have also been dealing with ongoing hacking issues on the site. But I’m excited to get back on track – and just in time for Halloween! I’ve always been big on holiday traditions, and when it comes to Halloween, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is EVERYTHING! If you missed it when it aired last week, you can watch it here. A lot of the Halloween parties and festivities were over this past weekend. Did you dress up? See any clever costumes? We were Angry Birds – not terribly creative, but definitely brought the laughs. If you’re out and about tonight, be safe – and have a Happy Halloween!    ...

100 Years of Fashion Aug31

100 Years of Fashion

For those of you who are interested in fashion and / or history, check out this fantastic video – 100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds! It was created to celebrate the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City – “the largest urban shopping center in Europe” which opens on September 13th. The short film tracks 100 years of “East London” style, and it’s fun fun fun! From fedoras and feathered caps, to mod, punk and grunge… it will be the best minute and a half that you’ve spent all day!...

Beluga Sevruga Aug11

Beluga Sevruga

It’s nearly Friday, so I thought that we could all use a little something to get the day going. Beluga whales are colloquially known as sea canaries, due to the special squeaks, squeals, and whistles with which they communicate. After having been serenaded by a Mariachi band, perhaps this Beluga will be able to add a little extra flavor to his repertoire! A friend of mind passed this video along, and well, I’ve already watched it numerous times. Click on the photo to check it...

Smash May23


I have been such a huge fan of Katharine McPhee since her days on American Idol. She is so incredibly beautiful, and has such a special talent. I also met her once (backstage at a show), and she was just as sweet and humble as she could possibly be. A few months ago, I read that she had been cast as the star of a new pilot for NBC – and a couple of weeks ago the show was picked up. ‘Smash’ will have a midseason premiere later this year, and has been billed as Glee for adults. It’s the story of the mounting of a new Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe, and will feature all new music – written by the Tony award winning team of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (from Hairspray and Catch Me If You Can). Along with McPhee, the cast includes Debra Messing, Angelica Huston, Jack Davenport, and Megan Hilty. Steven Spielberg will produce. To say that I’m excited about this show, would be an egregious understatement. In fact, I think that it’s going to be a huge (pun intended) SMASH! Check out the...

L’Amour Fou May16

L’Amour Fou

L’amour Fou (the crazy love) is a wonderful documentary about the relationship between legendary designer, Yves Saint Laurent, and his partner (in both business and life), Pierre Bergé. I’ve been anxious to see the film since I first heard about it last year, and finally had the opportunity on Friday – and at my favorite cinema, no less. It’s been nearly three years since Yves’ death, and more than two years since Bergé’s infamous Christie’s auction of the couple’s vast collection of art and objet. This film paints the picture of the couple’s complicated, fifty year long relationship – as well as the days surrounding the monumental “auction of the century” (which took in $477 million). One might presume that an enormous amount of sentimentality would have accompanied the 2009 Christie’s auction, but Pierre had an interesting perspective. He spoke of how Yves would never have been able to part with the possessions, but that he had viewed things in a much more temporal way. Mr. Bergé likened the collection to birds, saying that they would simply be leaving his nest – flying off to find new places to perch. I once read a similar quote about how Elizabeth Taylor viewed her jewelry collection, and although I feel that I am more attached to my own possessions, I do love the romance of Bergé’s birds. From his early days at Dior, to the building of his own brand and empire, Yves Saint Laurent left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. For both his haute couture, and innovative ready-to-wear collections, Yves received early critical acclaim. But according to Bergé, a lifelong battle with depression kept the designer in a constant grip. In the film, Pierre described fame as “the dazzling mourning of happiness” – and said that although...

Elliott and Bowie May06

Elliott and Bowie

It’s a beautiful Spring afternoon in New York, and what’s more quintessentially Spring than a new romance? This is absolutely one of the cutest videos that I have seen. The protagonists are an adorable little boy and girl – Elliott and Bowie. Elliott is a family name of mine, and I’ve always loved it – but Bowie for a little girl is positively rock and roll! She must have some pretty cool parents. I’m reluctant to give too much away, but if you read Elliott’s shirt, the message is pretty clear. All you need is...

Water for Elephants May02

Water for Elephants

If you haven’t seen Water for Elephants, I recommend it most highly. I had not read the book, and of course I wish that I had. The film gets to be pretty intense, and I think that I would have been able to breathe a little easier, if I had known the plot ahead of time. The story is set against the backdrop of a traveling 1930s circus, and stars Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz (who is positively genius at playing a bad guy). Visually, it’s a stunning film – full of romance and fantasy, with a treasure of gorgeous costumes, and fabulous Art Deco touches. The orchestral soundtrack is also fantastic – although I was disappointed to find that the one song that truly haunted me (from the trailer) was not included. Luckily I was able to track it down with a little research. Water for Elephants – Song for Jesse        ...

Kindred Spirits Apr23

Kindred Spirits

I’ve been such an ardent fan of Lucy Maude Montgomery since I first read Anne of Green Gables, more than twenty years ago. And while it may be sacrilege to admit, what I love even more than the books, are the 1980s films – which, over the years, I’ve seen approximately seven thousand times. A recent exchange with a fellow blogger (Katie from The Neotraditionalist) prompted me to pull out my dvds, and I plan to watch them during this rainy New York weekend. I could go on and on about these films, and could probably recite most of the dialogue from memory – but instead, I’ll leave you with a few photos to peruse, and a snippet from the beautiful orchestral soundtrack. Lovers of the film will instantly recognize Anne’s theme. Anne of Green Gables – Anne...

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