Lisa Pomerantz

As an interior designer, I am always interested to see the myriad of ways in which people give new life to their furniture and interiors. Sometimes it can be as simple as a coat of paint, a new piece of art, or rearranging the furniture. And sometimes it can be slightly more complicated. For example, I am starting to tire of my living room sofa – a Christian Liaigre tuxedo in a neutral shade – perfectly chic and understated, but I’ve just grown a little weary. I’m starting to think about having it reupholstered, and really need to bite that bullet… as I know that new fabric will give it the pick-me-up that (I think) it needs.

In 2008 Elle Decor photographed the Chelsea townhouse of fashion executive, Lisa Pomerantz. Five years later, the family has moved uptown, and their new, duplex apartment is featured in the magazine’s October issue. Both apartments are beautiful, and well-appointed – but what I enjoyed most was seeing how different and fresh things can seem with some new upholstery, or simply by shuffling them around a bit.

Here are the photos for comparison – first is the current apartment, and then the family’s previous, downtown home.


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 1

 a view of the master bedroom – love that Trewin Copplestone painting!


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 2

the living room – calming, understated, and super chic.


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 3

 the master bedroom – aside from PETA, who doesn’t love a coyote fur throw?


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 4

 the dressing area – a Swedish desk, and a Danish chair.


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 5

 the study – love that vintage rocker, and the astronomy prints!


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 6

stainless steel countertops in the kitchen – simple and so utilitarian.


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 7

great versatility in the dining room – and always love a Wegner Wishbone chair!


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 8

 the bedroom of one of her sons – light and airy.


Lisa Pomerantz 2013 - 9

an outside view of the duplex apartment – outdoor space always makes me envious!


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 1

from 2008 – the entrance hall (with a Wegner chair).


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 2

the previous living room – similarly chic, but with a darker vibe.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 3

 another view of the living room – recognize those astronomy prints?


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 4

 another view of the living room – this chair is now in the master bedroom.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 5

 I much prefer the new master bedroom, but I still love that painting!


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 6

master bedroom – the same table and chair in the vanity area.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 7

 a cerused oak Biedermeier chair in the master bathroom – bananas chic!


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 8

 the study – black and white photos always look so crisp and modern.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 9

the kitchen – those Ted Muehling candlesticks have been on my wish list for too long!


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 10

 Wegner chairs and some Jean Prouvé inspired shelving in the dining room.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 11

 an Arne Jacobsen sofa, and a fun, graphic wallpaper in a son’s room.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 12

 boys’ bathroom – she had me at Tintin!


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 13

 the playroom – fun, although that Rietveld chair is a tad severe.


Lisa Pomerantz 2008 - 14

a hallway – very zen!


Photos by Douglas Friedman & Joshua McHugh via Elle Decor