Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of improvements to the sizing of men’s shirts. Designers have introduced slim cuts, and have even expanded their range of sizes. Yet finding that “perfect fit” can still be troublesome for the majority of guys. Enter the kickstarter campaign of Kirk Keel and Matt Hornbuckle, whose company, Stantt, has set out to challenge the idea of standard sizing, and to reinvent the way that men shop for their clothes.

With the use of 3D body scan technology, measurements were gathered from more than 1,000 men (with approximately 200 measurements taken for each one). The Stantt guys then used an algorithm to synthesize the data – creating their smart, new “DataFit” sizing model of more than 50 custom sizes. Your size is┬ádetermined by just three measurements: chest width, waist size, and arm length (all of which can be easily taken at home).┬áSo whether you’re bigger, smaller (moi) or somewhere in the vast between, with Stantt you get a shirt that is individually tailored to your body – but without the cost and time required by your local tailor.

Stantt has ideas about eventually expanding beyond men’s shirts, but for now the company is keeping its focus on the basic essentials (most likely found in every man’s closet)… a casual button-down, which for $98 will be available in navy gingham, light blue, and white – and a $68 polo shirt in either navy or white. Tailored, affordable, and made in the USA – it’s a win win!

For more information, check out their Kickstarter campaign, and help these guys take Stantt to the next level!





patent-pending DataFit technology


the button-down, and the polo shirt


details of the button-down

(made by a 3rd generation custom shirt maker in the US)


a detail of the polo shirt


made in the USA


more than 50 custom sizes available