Furlow Gatewood

Ever since Dara Caponigro was named Editor-in-Chief of Veranda last year, the magazine has gotten better and better. Dara was one of the founding editors of Domino, and it’s clear that she brought some of that wonderful Domino flavor to her new home. The latest issue of the magazine has several features that caught my eye – one of which is truly inspiring.

Furlow Gatewood is not a name that I had come across before (and what a fabulous name it is), but after reading this article about his Georgia home, I am dying to know as much as I can about him. When it comes to vernacular architecture, design, and antiques, Gatewood is a bone fide expert – so much so, that for forty years, he has worked as John Rosselli’s associate and antiques buyer in the South.

According to Mr. Gatewood, he’s constantly checking out houses – and when he came across a fantastic, but soon to be demolished, mid-nineteenth century Gothic home, he had it sawn in half, shipped across the state of Georgia, and deposited on his property. Over the course of just eighteen months, Gatewood restored and decorated the home, and even had time to complete the landscape design. Oh, and I forgot to mention – he’s 90 years old. Talk about an inspiration!

The home already had good bones (fantastic moldings, and sixteen foot ceilings to name a few), but Furlow’s design and decoration brought a richness, charm, and patina that I positively love. When furnishing a home like this one, being an associate of John Rosselli would be the perk to beat all perks. Many of the furnishings throughout the home were culled from Rosselli’s vast inventory.

What I particularly love about this house is the clean and soothing palette of greys and whites – and how these colors enable an emphasis to be put on all of the fantastic antiques, and thoughtful details. It’s such an airy, calming home. Enjoy the photos!













Photos via Veranda